Fairy Crosses - 2 x POWERFUL GEMSTONES
Fairy Crosses - 2 x POWERFUL GEMSTONES
Fairy Crosses - 2 x POWERFUL GEMSTONES
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Fairy Crosses - 2 x POWERFUL GEMSTONES

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Fairy Crosses

The staurolite or "fairy cross" is a stone with a unique appearance. This mostly opaque mineral has a twinning feature that causes it to look like a cross.

There are many legends about the creation of the staurolite. One popular legend is that upon learning of Christ's crucifixion, fairies around the world wept.

Their tears, full of love and sadness, created cross-like stones when they fell upon the rocks. This gave the stone immense powers of love.


How it works

The staurolite provides you with a very powerful protection against negative energy and evil. It utilizes the power of unconditional love to banish these negative powers far away from you.

It can also be used to repel negative people. When near you and your staurolite, they will feel uncomfortable and will avoid you when possible.

This stone also helps to relieve negative energies and habits you may be holding on to. The staurolite will help you release the negativity, fear, and anger you are holding.


Please be aware that we will be shipping you TWO (2) Fairy Stones in each order, even though some images have four stones in them.

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