Rare Moldavite Stone Bracelet - INTENSE PERSONAL GROWTH
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Rare Moldavite Stone Bracelet - INTENSE PERSONAL GROWTH

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Moldavite Stone Bracelet

The moldavite is an amazingly powerful stone that will bring a person's life great change.

This stone emits an intense frequency and offers high vibrations that sends a rush of energy through its holder.

However, only those emotionally available are able to benefit from this stone's powers.

The moldavite is a growth crystal. It provides a boost to personal growth and can provide the wearer the ability to nurture their professional and personal relationships into something more.

It can also help guide the wearer to their true destiny.

The powers of this stone can be quite powerful. For those who are not used to feeling such intense energy and vibrations, it can be overwhelming.

It may be beneficial for you to limit the amount of time you hold or wear the moldavite until you adapt to this intense power.

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