Moonstone Bracelet - POWER OF THE MOON
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Moonstone Bracelet - POWER OF THE MOON

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Moonstone Bracelet

This stone is strongly connected to the power of the moon. It is a stone that helps you find new beginnings in your life.

It can help balance the waves of emotion in your body as the moon balances the waves of the ocean.

This stone's energy helps to promote inspiration, success, and good fortune.

The moonstone is very beneficial for easing anxiety. It helps you to understand yourself and identify the things that cause your anxious feelings.

Once they are identified, this stone will help you find a way to balance them in your life and ease the anxious feelings they cause.

This stone can also bring balance to your body and its many functions.

For those who experience digestive issues with their anxiety, this stone can help to soothe those and bring back the proper balance.

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