Natural Black Tourmaline Stone - BANISH EVIL
Natural Black Tourmaline Stone - BANISH EVIL
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Natural Black Tourmaline Stone - BANISH EVIL

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Black Tourmaline

Throughout history, this stone has been used to banish evil spirits and protect people from metaphysical dangers and psychic attacks.

These stones were also used as protection for ancient magicians to protect them from evil spirits when casting spells.

The iron-rich black tourmaline works similarly to a magnet. It can create a positive and negative charge that allows it to act upon the energies surrounding it.

This magnet-like ability gives this gemstone the ability to repel and banish all negative energies while attracting positive energies and feelings.

When used properly, this stone can rid a home of any ghosts, demons, or evil spirits that may be present. It also helps to cut any metaphysical or emotional ties the entity may have to your home or even you and your family.

This stone, when used continuously, can prevent these beings from entering or returning to your home.

To dispel ghosts, demons, or evil spirits, an energy grid is the best method for using black tourmaline.

This should be done in the room or rooms where the most activity has been noticed in your home.


By placing the crystals in the four corners of the room, it will push out the negative energies and cut the metaphysical ties the spirit may have on that room.

This stone can also be used to protect you or your family when you leave the home.

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