Blue Celestite Heart Stone - THE HEAVENLY STONE
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Blue Celestite Heart Stone - THE HEAVENLY STONE

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Blue Celestite Hearty Stone

The celestite is one of the most powerful stones in existence. It derives its name from the Latin word "caelestis" meaning celestial or heavenly.

This stone emanates a high frequency vibration to help its users access their higher selves.

This stone provides the holder with divine wisdom that can help them on their journey to enlightenment.

This stone has an unmatched calming ability. Many users of this stone report feeling the strong vibrations from this stone immediately after picking it up.

The vibrations seem to fill the whole body and provide the user with a feeling of tranquility and happiness.

Meditation is the best use of celestite to reach your angelic guide. Sit quietly with the stone while you reach your meditative state.

Focus your thoughts on the future and the questions you have in seeking your life path.

This stone will connect you with the appropriate angel to provide you with the guidance you need to pursue your destiny.

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