Smoky Quartz Crystal - POWERFUL
Smoky Quartz Crystal - POWERFUL
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Smoky Quartz Crystal - POWERFUL

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Smoky Quartz Crystal

The smoky quartz is a crystal that will provide many benefits and assistance in defending yourself against your horrible manager.

It is a powerful grounding stone and has the ability to absorb any negative energy and dispel it into the ground.

This helps to protect you from any negativity your supervisor can throw at you.

This stone also the ability to improve consciousness and center energy.

This type of quartz can also remove distractions that can keep you from staying focused on your career and work performance.

This crystal also has the ability to remove the veil of deceit to allow you to see clearly the intentions of your supervisor and coworkers.

It also provides a boost in emotional intelligence.

This can help prevent you from reacting improperly to the toxic behavior of your manager.


This gemstone can be used during meditation. Holding the stone in both hands while meditating can provide deep insight into your problems at work and with your manager.

It can also help you find solutions to your work issues and provide healing of the stress and problems caused by your work environment.

Point the stone away from your body during meditation to dispel stress and negative energy.

You can wear the stone as a necklace to provide balance to your body and mind throughout the day.

This necklace also provides a shield of protection from negative energy wherever you go.

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